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When you have been working your whole life in building your business and want to get paid....
When you have been sacrificing and putting your blood sweat and tears into building the best business you can - and you want to get paid...
If working with someone that not only understands what it took to build but also has been working on building better businesses for over twenty five years AND really knows how to articulate the value of your business and see the opportunity that lies ahead for it - than give me a call.
My name is Michael Preston and I am a business broker that specializes in selling family owned business in the upper Main Street and lower middle market space.
I sit down with you or your client that is thinking of selling their business and not ONLY give them a free market price valuation but also insights on how to increase the value so they get paid the most for all they accomplished. The truth is that sooner they start the bigger impact they can have on their payout.
The ONLY job of a business owner is to increase the value of a business in order to get the most for it when it’s the time to sell - soo have them give me a call as soon as possible!

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