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Corey and Eddie Nathan, brothers and co-founders of See Spot Go! Window Cleaning and Pressure Washing, owned and operated a similar company in New Jersey for 8 years. They sold the business when Corey moved to California and took a break from cleaning windows for a while. Several years after Eddie moved to the Santa Clarita Valley they were inspired to revive the old business and provide the same great service to the communities of Southern California, as they did in “the old country”.

See Spot Go! Window Cleaning & Pressure Washing is committed to providing friendly, reliable, and professional service to residents and business owners in Los Angeles and Ventura counties. The entire team at See Spot Go lives and is involved in the local community with their families and understand what their neighbors expect from this type of service business. As a customer of See Spot Go, your homes and your businesses are in good hands. Every technician that arrives at your home or business will be a highly trained and fully insured professional.

They will always be polite and respectful of your property. They will do the job well, they will do the job quickly, and they will do it at a reasonable price.