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THERMAL HORIZONS is a welcoming, caring, and dedicated community that is passionate about sparking imagination, curiosity, conversation, and connection through the practice of yoga, sound healing, breathwork, and meditation.  We are committed to creating safe places that are inclusive and respectful of a diverse community.


THE PRIVATE JOURNEY - A yoga practice allows us to go inward and find a place within us that is peaceful, content, joyful, open, aware, and present. From this more authentic place, change becomes possible. Wellness encompasses our emotions, our physical bodies, our minds, and our spiritual selves, and any step you choose to take on the journey towards wellness can help you discover a more clear and distinct self. We invite you to join us in our exploration of yoga, sound healing, meditation, aromatherapy sauna suites, and breathwork so you can journey towards a newfound sense of self awareness, confidence, and appreciation for others.

LOVE AND A SENSE OF COMMUNITY -  Our tribe of teachers and students is the foundation of what we do, and we’re always striving to learn from and educate our community through mutual experience and a shared journey towards self care and self discovery. We are passionate about uniting humanity through finding and connecting like minded individuals who genuinely care about your journey of self discovery, self awareness, and joy. We invite you to come as you are.

A CULTURE OF KINDNESS - As a space for pause and a haven of reflection, we aim to provide a completely unique and immersive yoga and wellness experience. Going beyond just the physical practice, our spaces offer a journey of the senses that offers an alternative to the lightning speeds of the outside day-to-day rigor and encourages us to embrace kindness, acceptance, and compassion. Our culture is focused on creating a safe, welcoming, loving, and open environment for students of all levels - and we are all students in our own way - to encourage each other wherever we may be in our journeys.

A SPACE TO BREATHE - You will always be openly received in our spacious studios and meditation lounge areas - our classes accommodate up to 49 students with plenty of space between each mat so that you can focus on your practice while staying grounded and peaceful. Our sound healing baths can accommodate up to 30 people and are held in our expansive, high-ceilinged private studio with immersive audio/visual display, hands on adjustments by request, soothing drum beats, sage, and aromatherapy. Private and semi private sound baths are by appointment only and held in intimate meditation sanctuary.

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